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Generation War – A Programme About Ordinary Germans Circa 1941

1 May 2014

I really do love the commitment the BBC is making to foreign drama nowadays. We’ve had Scandi, French, Italian, Belgian, even a Welsh police drama that looks really good. That’s not what I’ve been watching this week. I’ve been watching Generation War: Our Mothers, Our Fathers. It’s a German drama that starts in 1941. It… Read More ›

The Borderlands

  On my quest to be terrified on a regular basis, and without any new Paranormal Activity films available until OCTOBER I have had to branch out a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever found a horror that hasn’t frightened me at least a bit, but I do find it difficult to find new and… Read More ›

Finally I Watch Frozen!

This week, at last, I watched Frozen. In fact, I watched it two and a half times over three days. The half time was only because I was watching it as I went to sleep. I have just put the soundtrack on and it has immeasurably improved the standard of my life. I would put… Read More ›

American Horror Story

In the last week, I have devoured the first season of American Horror Story. As you might be able to guess, I loved it. I do like horror films, although I struggle to be brave. I always feel like I’ve made a dreadful mistake as soon as I start watching, but I always go back… Read More ›

A Mild-Mannered Murderer

Last week Line of Duty ended and I feared I would never be able to watch television again. Luckily, ITV have started their annual good piece of drama and this year, it’s The Widower. This programme is about a man called Malcolm Webster who, as the title suggests, is a serial widower. He is a real person and… Read More ›

The Return of Jonathan Creek

Recently one of my most favourite series returned to the BBC. Jonathan Creek! We had three episodes and then it was snatched from us, in manner of Sherlock. Of course, Jonathan Creek is a lot like Sherlock, an introspective brilliant detective solving apparently unsolvable mysteries with a sidekick, although in this case it was a… Read More ›

Line of Duty, Again

I wasn’t planning to write about Line of Duty after the last blog post. However, after last night’s episode, I really feel that I must extort everyone that isn’t watching it to do so. To those that haven’t seen it, Line of Duty is a police drama about anti-corruption. A witness protection officer and her witness has been… Read More ›


So BBC4’s Saturday foreign crime slot is currently being occupied by Salamander. This is a Belgian drama. I know! I don’t think I have even watched a Belgian film before, although I am a big fan of Belgian culture, especially chips, mayonnaise and Poirot. Wait… Anyway, Salamander. It’s political! Oh yes, it turns out politicians the… Read More ›

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Not My Favourite

So, it’s Oscars time. This year, I’ve actually seen three of the big films on offer. The most recent was The Wolf of Wall Street and I have to say my feelings about it were mixed. First of all, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent. He was absolutely hilarious, especially when off his face. His… Read More ›

line of duty

Line of Duty: WTF?!

Yep. That was basically my reaction when I watched the first episode of Line of Duty. Considering this, I chose deeply inappropriate times to watch it. The first fifteen minutes or so I watched on the train and gasped at the attack on the convoy. The rest I watched while having my lunch. Let’s just say… Read More ›