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Thrift (Friday Fictioneers)

2 May 2014

Copyright Renee Heath I’m the kind of person that believes all animals are equal, Animal Farm style. And yes, I include humans in that. Most of the people that nod their heads enthusiastically when I say that are vegetarians. I can’t think of anything worse. Apart from being vegan, that is. I’m also the kind of person… Read More ›

Poppy and the Doggy

Poppy crouched in the mud, the hem of her dress skimming the top,  hiding her pristine white shoes.  The sun was hot on her back and the sound of laughter floated out of the kitchen windows. Glancing behind her, she could see her mummy holding a glass of wine, smiling at all her friends. Poppy… Read More ›


She sits in the middle of the field on her small stool, endlessly milking. The rain streams down her face and over her head scarf. It’s always her job, at least in the winter. Her hands are chapped from exposure to the harsh winds. She knows if she turns around her brother will be standing in the… Read More ›


Hands grabbing, crawling on my skin. Sweat dripping onto my face, pungent and stale. He thrusts urgently and violently. I close my eyes and withdraw away from sight, from feeling. I am a tiny ball inside myself, waiting for the end. When it is over, he gets up without looking at me, pulls on his… Read More ›

Day One

When I woke up, it was darker than I’ve ever known. My head was pounding viciously and there was something very badly wrong with my left wrist. I blinked a couple of times hoping to clear the blackness. Nothing doing. I pushed myself upwards, crying out a little at the pain in my wrist. My… Read More ›


Creeping down the painfully lit stairs, alive to every sound. Pausing with the breath sucked out of her every time the guffawing laughter seemed too close. Finally, the door was there, in front of her. It was unbearably close. She forced herself to maintain caution for the last few steps, gently twisting the key in… Read More ›

The Refugee

  Silence. Crouching in an inadequate cluster of foliage, he tried to probe the silence. Was it true, deep silence, or could a slight rustle be heard across the road? Perhaps the light click of a gun being cocked somewhere above his head. It was impossible to tell. He tried to peer into the darkness…. Read More ›

The Finale

A pale ray of sun forces itself through the bars of the window and grazes my face. I have not slept. It seems to me there’ll be plenty of time for that after. Instead, I have tried to spend the night rejoicing in my memories and reminding myself of the things I will not miss…. Read More ›

All I Need Is You

This week’s Friday Fictioneers is inspired by Valentine’s day! Naturally. From the moment I saw her, I knew we were destined for each other. Unfortunately, she insisted on fighting it. She was flirty, reluctant to commit, always going out with her friends. Women and men. She wanted freedom. She wanted me to leave her alone,… Read More ›


My New House

This week, for the first time, I’m participating in Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a 100 word story inspired by the picture below. If you want to join in, why not trot over to Rochelle’s blog? The door stuck, and I had to tug several times before it opened. Peering into the dimness,… Read More ›