About Me!

I am a freelance writer and editor living in the Leeds area of the UK. My particular areas of interest are literature, history, crafts, film and the odd bit of television. I also write fiction, and as well as the pieces posted here you can find more at Daily Writings. If you are looking for an editor or proofreader, visit my website http://www.laura-johnson.co.uk.

I have recently given up my full-time job in pensions administration to concentrate on my writing and proofreading. This site is designed to provide a weekly update of things that interest me. Hopefully you will also find something here to interest you!

The posts are divided in five categories:

Monday – Life Improvement

Physical and mental well-being as well as writing about career, goals etc.

Tuesday – What I’m Reading

Book reviews, Classics Club updates and general n literary musings.

Wednesday – What I’m Thinking

My comment piece. Sometimes topical, sometimes less so.

Thursday – What I’m Watching

Television, film, sometimes even a little theatre.

Friday – Fiction and Poetry

A little creative writing to end the week.

In my spare time (!) apart from writing I enjoy reading, cooking, knitting and spending time with my partner and family.


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  1. Good luck with your career change. I’m currently rethinking my prospects and it’s inspiring seeing someone who has already made the leap 🙂


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