My First Car Boot Sale

So, today I did my first car boot sale to raise money for my charity challenge. Having laboriously sorted through all my stuff and availed myself of some of my friends’ offshoots, my and my long suffering Stephen trekked to Alwoodley ready to sell it all for a very reasonable price.

Sadly, Alwoodley did not deliver. About thirty people visited the sale and I sold just £8 worth of stuff. What’s more, £2 of that was Stephen buying back a cardigan of his own as the hall we were in was incredibly cold! Perhaps not worth getting up at half six for!

Fortunately I am not downhearted. I have emailed to book another (different) sale for next Sunday, although I will need to source both a table and a clothes rail. I am currently in the midst of drafting a sensitive yet persuasive letter to attract corporate sponsors, and I will this week be crafting some things for a Christmas craft fair with my mother in law.

What’s more, I am now regularly running 5k in under half an hour and I have lost half a stone in the last two months and now have a moderate BMI. Hurray!!


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