That’s Life? F&*k Off.

Just a quickie, but yesterday this article gave me pause for thought

In many ways, this article isn’t saying anything new, at least not to me. The excuse of ‘that’s just the way things are’ or ‘that’s life’ is really overused when it comes to politics, the economy and all that sort of shizzle. Yes, when you wonder why it rains on your day off you can probably put that down to ‘that’s life’. But when we’re talking about why Starbucks and Amazon don’t have to bother paying tax whilst people who can’t afford their own home are taxed for having one more room than they strictly need, ‘that’s life’ doesn’t really cut it.

I’m sure this is a point I’ve made before, but everything in society is people. Tesco, for example, is not a mysterious being akin to God that we have to bow down to. Tesco is a group of people all intend on making money, whether just to pay the bills or to buy a yacht to match the helicopter. Systems, be them political or educational, were all constructed by people, which means there is nothing to stop them being changed or stopped. Nothing in society is sacred or immovable.

The other day I had a crazy thought, what if we capped the cost of living? Following my line of logic, expensive things are only expensive because someone put a certain price tag on them. Why not decide that a loaf of bread can only cost so much, or decent shoes? It’s lovely to dream that one day everyone will just go, hold on, things have all got a little out of hand. Shall we all just do a reset? Of course it will never happen in a society where everyone poor and/or unemployed is immediately branded as lazy and parasitic, but as I say, it’s lovely to dream.


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