Exercise – An Update



It’s been a while since I updated you on my 2014 quest to get fit. That might be because it hasn’t been going so well. Sad panda.

Last week I decided to get back into Pilates. I used to attend a class at my old work and I noticed that my gym was getting involved so I decided to go along.

I’m a big fan of Pilates. You tend not to sweat and I think you get a lot of toning for not a lot of work, which is clearly ideal. I say not a lot of work. It is still a lot tougher than it looks. One of the things that we did was standing on all floors and stretching alternate hands and feet. Sounds like nothing, but it was incredibly tough.

I find that Pilates is great for my back and shoulders, which often let me down. Unfortunately I did end up damaging my neck last week which was an unfortunate turn of events. The whole thing just became a massive knotted trunk and I failed to exercise for the rest of the week. Pilates fail.

I’m really enjoying the gym and exercise in general at the moment, but I am still struggling to find the time to actually go. I know I really need to carve out the time. My usual battle is actually getting up the motivation to visit the gym so now that isn’t the problem, I need to capitalise on it. All too soon winter and cold mornings will creep back in and I definitely won’t feel like it then!



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