Finally I Watch Frozen!

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This week, at last, I watched Frozen. In fact, I watched it two and a half times over three days. The half time was only because I was watching it as I went to sleep. I have just put the soundtrack on and it has immeasurably improved the standard of my life. I would put it on the telly, but I am afraid it will distract me.

I didn’t hear about Frozen when it first came out, god knows how. I completely missed it in the cinema. Obviously now I have watched it, I’m delighted. I felt much the same way when I watched Tangled over Christmas. I feel like Disney may be entering its third golden age. They’ve managed to adopt the slightly adult tone of Pixar without sacrificing the Disney gold. The animations look much the same as ever, albeit more modern. The women’s eyes are still massive, of course. And there are still songs!

The songs in Frozen are the best. They are accessible to those of us that like to sing along at home and have lots of swooping melodies. They function as the interior monologue, sort of the Disney version of the montage, accelerating the plot with some charming music. I also like the fact that they haven’t lost the charming animal characters. Animals with personality that are still definitely animals are one of Disney’s greatest assets. Maximus (or, as he is known in my family, The Naughty Horse) from Tangled is a perfect example of this.

One aspect that is missing from Frozen is the villain. As there was a villain in Tangled¸ I suspect this isn’t a permanent arrangement which is just as well. Disney villains are some of the best. Think of Ursula and Maleficent, Jafar and Scar. Even when they are faintly ridiculous, like Gaston and Yzma, they still carry much of the show. In Frozen, there are a couple of bad eggs but no one evil driving the plot. In fact, it is a mark of how great this film is that the absence is not at all noticeable.

I’m also going to briefly mention feminism, which Disney can’t often be associated with. I actually think Frozen is a good step in the right direction with gender relations. Tangled was reasonable – the man sort of saved her but she was in fact pretty keen to save herself and they were both beneficial to one another. However, there was still the female obsession with beauty which I don’t love. Frozen, however, is much less concerned with love than most Disney offerings, at least romantic love. The love between sisters is far more important, and romantic love mainly serves as a demonstration of how humans react to loneliness. There is also that old favourite, being yourself, which I love. It seems like Disney might have at last realised that they can use their powers for good as well as fun and money.

I’m off to watch it again in fact. Bye!




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