Woman’s Hour Game Changers

Today was the Woman’s Hour Game Changer list. Basically this is women who have changed the game this year in one way or another. A lot of the women on the list were working on things to do with feminism or women’s issues in one way or another.

I felt very proud listening to it. While I know that we are very lucky to live today and not a hundred years ago, there is still so much to do before women and men are truly equal. There is a real resurgence in feminism at the moment and I am really pleased that it is coming into the public consciousness and being debated loudly and intelligently.

On this similarly happy note, I have tickets to see Caitlin Moran when she visits Leeds this year. She was on the game changers list precisely for her work in bringing feminism back into the public consciousness. Hurray!

If yo want to see the game changers list, it is here: Game Changers 2014


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