Everything Will Be OK

Me looking very sad

Last week I was insanely busy. When I say insanely, I really mean it. I have worked for a least a portion of every day including weekends for the last couple of weeks and this weekend I pretty much did a full day. During the week I worked most evenings, and while I am happy to work hard, this is really harder than I hoped for.  I’m establishing a business and I expect to have to work hard and go without a bit, but I was really concerned about the demands on my time. I even thought I would have to give up blogging for a while.

Don’t shed a tear yet though! Just when I thought my brain was going to explode all over the computer screen, one of my clients has messaged to say that she no longer wants me to do one part of a job I do for her. This job was the main thing stressing me out but I thought it would be good experience. While it perhaps still would be good experience – and frantically preparing for it has highlighted some gaps in my knowledge – I am so pleased at this news!

I don’t know whether my lesson from this is to say no more, or to just be more confident and less stressed about things, but I am so relieved at the moment that I don’t even care!

On reflection, I think that the lesson is that everything will always be ok in the end. I went to see Derren Brown the other week and I am sworn to secrecy about the majority of what occurred, but something he said really resonated with me because I am a terrible worrier. Basically he said pretty much everyone is like you, and has the same worries and concerns. That makes me feel so much better, because everyone else seems to be coping brilliantly and everything really is ok for them in the end.

Life is good 🙂

P.S. Another lesson I have learned this week is that persistence pays off. I have been pestering my landlord about a new fridge for longer than I’ve been alive (or so it feels) and it finally came! I love it. I have, in fact, ended things with my partner to really focus on my relationship with the beautiful amazing fridge. Plus BBC Young Musician of The Year starts next Friday.

Life really is good.


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