Month: April 2014

Female Masturbation. Why not?

Female masturbation was a topic of conversation this week for two reasons. The first is that Good Housekeeping did a test of sex toys. The second was a discussion as to how parents should approach the idea of masturbation with their daughters. I feel like this was on Woman’s Hour, but to be honest I… Read More ›

Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

Another week, another chapter in the Ender saga. This one carried on where the second one left off, merely thirty years later. Ender and friends have established a community where humans, piggies and buggers are living in relative harmony. Unfortunately, due to events at the end of the previous book, the Congress, who rule the… Read More ›

Living With A Slob? Here’s My Solution!

Do you find it difficult to get on with things when the house is messy? I know I do. I long to be one of those people that continues in peaceful productivity regardless of the world around them, but I am not one of them. It’s not just productivity either. I struggle to relax happily… Read More ›

The Borderlands

  On my quest to be terrified on a regular basis, and without any new Paranormal Activity films available until OCTOBER I have had to branch out a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever found a horror that hasn’t frightened me at least a bit, but I do find it difficult to find new and… Read More ›

Are We A Christian Country? David Cameron Thinks So

This Easter our brave leader has announced that Britain is still a Christian country. In fact he has said so repeatedly. Unfortunately for him, some British people, including Philip Pullman and Terry Pratchett, disagree and have written an open letter to this effect. Moreover, they believe that him saying so has negative consequences for politics… Read More ›

Death Comes As The End by Agatha Christie

  I am a big Agatha Christie fan, as regular readers of the blog will know, and this week I read a slightly different offering from her. Still a detective story – I haven’t ever come across the mythical dark romances – but set in Ancient Egypt. Very exciting. Agatha Christie’s husband was an archaeologist… Read More ›

Exercise – An Update

  It’s been a while since I updated you on my 2014 quest to get fit. That might be because it hasn’t been going so well. Sad panda. Last week I decided to get back into Pilates. I used to attend a class at my old work and I noticed that my gym was getting… Read More ›

Finally I Watch Frozen!

This week, at last, I watched Frozen. In fact, I watched it two and a half times over three days. The half time was only because I was watching it as I went to sleep. I have just put the soundtrack on and it has immeasurably improved the standard of my life. I would put… Read More ›

Internet Exhibitionism

What I’m thinking about this week is pony play. ‘Who isn’t?’, I hear you cry. Not just any pony play of course, but this specific pony play, brought to us by some show called My Strange Addiction, which I have never watched. This YouTube video was brought to my attention by some friends of mine… Read More ›

Speaker For The Dead – Orson Scott Card

After my very enjoyable read of Ender’s Game, I have now read the sequel, Speaker For The Dead. You may recall that after I finished Ender’s Game, I struggled to see where the story could go from there. It ended with a short synopsis of Ender’s life after the war, finding a final representative of… Read More ›