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This week I am starting two new challenges in my career. Which isn’t bodybuilding. I’m not always the most confident person but I was determined not to be cowed by the fact that these are new things, so instead of panicking about it (my usual response) I have instead tried to focus on being more confident. Here’s how:

–          Thinking Rationally

I am not being asked to do anything that I can’t do, just things that I haven’t necessarily done before. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are things I have done before, just perhaps not in a professional capacity. As such, I am concentrating on remembering what I do know and refreshing my memories.

–          Looking Forward

Specifically, to about a month’s time. By that point, I will have been doing this work for four weeks (unless I really mess it up, hahaha L) and I will be feeling confident and relaxed about it. I might even be enjoying it!

–          Controlling When I Think About It

I don’t think it is particularly valuable to never think about it, but I know that there are some times when I have a tendency to feel more paranoid, for example, when I’ve had a drink. I don’t even bother to think about it then, and when I do, I try to think about it in the most constructive way. Of course, I stop when I realise I’m going round in circles. Or at least, I try to…

–          Faking It

As I haven’t started yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to feign confidence. However, I am attempting to imagine myself doing brilliantly, and trying to talk about it in confident terms. I have heard this used as a technique before, although it is the first time I have tried it. Generally, I think it’s working. I’m certainly not feeling as sick to my stomach as I expected.

It remains to be seen whether any of this will help me. I have my fingers crossed though!


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