Duolingo and Other Goals – An Update

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my goals, so I thought it might be a good idea to look back and see how I have been doing. Yikes!

– Writing

I am going to aim to write a thousand words a day. At the very least, I will spend 15 minutes a day on novel work. 

Well, this has actually been going very well. I have written most days, and some days I have exceeded the 1,000 words so it is moving along at a good pace. I’m not sure it’s all good mind you, but that’s what editing is for!

– Exercise

I’ve decided therefore to commit to going three times a week for at least an hour. 

I’ve revised this goal recently, as an hour seemed to be a bit too much to carve out of my day. As such, I’ve cut it down to about 45 minutes, which in practice means less time on the weights machines. No power lifting here any time soon! I’ve been averaging around twice a week rather than three, but my gym partner is resurfacing this week after a prolonged absence which I am certain can only have positive effects on my gym going. Plus, I am managing tougher settings on the machines, so I am definitely improving!

– Music

I would like to practice every day, but that might be unrealistic so for the moment I am aiming for three times a week.

I am hanging my head. I haven’t practised once. I feel utterly bereft, and I can tell the piano is mad with me. It is my main thing to work on at the moment.

– Languages

A friend of mine showed me Duolingo and I thought ah! What larks! Now I shall learn German! Oh, but what a shame to lose the French I know. And the Spanish… I’m aiming to do exercises on these every day.

I haven’t managed every day, but I have managed to fit it in with my exercise. Learning German on the exercise bike does take my mind off the abject pain, although not sufficiently to make me consider spinning again. Plus, I have rashly decided to attempt to read Madame Bovary in French as part of the eBooksClassics readalong. I hasten to add that I learned French for many years and am not attempting this on the back of three weeks of practice. It’s quite likely it’ll be beyond me, but you never know!!

– Crafts

So every time I watch television, I shall bring out my needles.

Another massive fail. I will defend myself by saying I haven’t been watching that much television, but I have watched some. I’m getting back on this as soon as I can!

– Reading

I don’t think it is hard to read every day so I’m going to aim for at least fifteen minutes. Yay me!

This has been going brilliantly! Since the original post I have finished The Luminaries and read four other books. In addition to that (!) I have started Villette (my contribution to the Classics Clubs March event) and Ender’s Game, which I am loving. I have also almost entirely vanquished the pile of Saturday supplements that have been gazing sorrowfully at me from the coffee table.

Overall, this is looking much better than I thought. Definite room for improvement, but when isn’t there.

And, for fans of last week’s relationship post, this may interest you from this weekend’s Guardian: 10 Things I Know About Marriage. I have pinned it to my fridge!


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  1. I love Dulingo – but I always quit after a week or so. I can’t seem to make it a habit!


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