Month: March 2014

Confidence Tips

  This week I am starting two new challenges in my career. Which isn’t bodybuilding. I’m not always the most confident person but I was determined not to be cowed by the fact that these are new things, so instead of panicking about it (my usual response) I have instead tried to focus on being… Read More ›


She sits in the middle of the field on her small stool, endlessly milking. The rain streams down her face and over her head scarf. It’s always her job, at least in the winter. Her hands are chapped from exposure to the harsh winds. She knows if she turns around her brother will be standing in the… Read More ›

A Mild-Mannered Murderer

Last week Line of Duty ended and I feared I would never be able to watch television again. Luckily, ITV have started their annual good piece of drama and this year, it’s The Widower. This programme is about a man called Malcolm Webster who, as the title suggests, is a serial widower. He is a real person and… Read More ›

Are You On Your Period?

This must be the most annoying phrase in the English language, closely followed by the allegedly more sensitive option of: ‘When are you due on?’ I was led to think about this when listening to the excellent Mary Beard discussing the silencing of women in her recent lecture, ‘Oh Do Shut Up Dear!’ in which she… Read More ›

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Last week, I read Ender’s Game. This was mainly because it was recommended over on The Broke and The Bookish. I had never heard of it until the Harrison Ford film came out and to be honest it didn’t really look that inspiring. However, the enthusiasm on the blog was infectious, plus the cost was… Read More ›

FutureLearn – A Beautiful Thing

I was recently introduced to FutureLearn by a friend of mine. It is really deeply exciting. Basically, FutureLearn consists of free courses run by universities both in the UK and internationally. It’s a new programme and has all manner of short courses that are only designed to encourage learning. There is no qualification, no homework,… Read More ›


Hands grabbing, crawling on my skin. Sweat dripping onto my face, pungent and stale. He thrusts urgently and violently. I close my eyes and withdraw away from sight, from feeling. I am a tiny ball inside myself, waiting for the end. When it is over, he gets up without looking at me, pulls on his… Read More ›

The Return of Jonathan Creek

Recently one of my most favourite series returned to the BBC. Jonathan Creek! We had three episodes and then it was snatched from us, in manner of Sherlock. Of course, Jonathan Creek is a lot like Sherlock, an introspective brilliant detective solving apparently unsolvable mysteries with a sidekick, although in this case it was a… Read More ›


So, as promised in last week’s post, I have been thinking about prostitution. I know, sunny. The current debate here in the UK is where prostitution stands in the law. At present, punters who pay for sex are breaking the law if they sleep with someone who is forced into it, or if they pick… Read More ›

The Luminaries – DONE!

After three months, I have finally finished The Luminaries. I am totally giving myself a round of applause. I don’t honestly know why it took me so long. I am a very quick reader. Possibly it was because it is so big. I couldn’t take it on trains with me so every time I had… Read More ›