The Wolf Of Wall Street – Not My Favourite

The Wolf of Wall Street

So, it’s Oscars time.

This year, I’ve actually seen three of the big films on offer. The most recent was The Wolf of Wall Street and I have to say my feelings about it were mixed.

First of all, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent. He was absolutely hilarious, especially when off his face. His character was thoroughly unlikeable yet pathetic, which was quite a feat considering how excessively confident he was. There were a lot of really enjoyable bits, and most of them were down to DiCaprio, now I think about it. I definitely did not love Jonah Hill, who I have found utterly overrated in everything I’ve seen him in, with the exception of This Is The End , where he played himself.

The main issue I had with the film was that I found it boring. This is bizarre considering that a large chunk of it as about partying and excess, but there’s a reason that the film wasn’t about people watching other people partying. Fun actually comes from partying yourself, rather than watching others do it. In fact, it’s rare to have fun watching other people party. To give the film it’s due, some bits of partying were really fun to watch, but there were just so many. I didn’t feel like we needed to see them all. Ditto the motivational speeches that DiCaprio’s character gives. I didn’t feel like I needed to see so many.

Another issue was that it is a deeply sexist film. I understand that this is because it is portraying a sexist time and place from the point of view of a sexist man rather than because the director has a sexist viewpoint, but so what? I’m not going to laugh at a woman having all her hair shaved off for 10 grand which she has promised to put towards a boob job. I’m also not going to laugh at men openly preferring younger and prettier women to their wives. It just isn’t fun for me.

Oh, I guess I lied. I actually didn’t really like this film at all. I only liked Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh well! Onto the next.


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