Month: February 2014

The Refugee

  Silence. Crouching in an inadequate cluster of foliage, he tried to probe the silence. Was it true, deep silence, or could a slight rustle be heard across the road? Perhaps the light click of a gun being cocked somewhere above his head. It was impossible to tell. He tried to peer into the darkness…. Read More ›

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Not My Favourite

So, it’s Oscars time. This year, I’ve actually seen three of the big films on offer. The most recent was The Wolf of Wall Street and I have to say my feelings about it were mixed. First of all, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent. He was absolutely hilarious, especially when off his face. His… Read More ›

Lorde and Her Contribution To Feminism

Remember when Chris Moyles called himself the Saviour of Radio 1 despite churning out the same old crap every day for god knows how many years? Well, those of us who have despaired at the degeneration of pop into mind-numbing sexualisation where everyone seems to be IN THE CLUB have got an actual real saviour…. Read More ›

In Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

In Pursuit Of Love

I have officially finished my third Classics Club book!!! Hurray!!! Technically, this wasn’t an original list member. However, I encountered a second hand two volume set of this and Love in a Cold Climate, which is on the list, so I decided to have a living list. This will not only guarantee that this challenge never… Read More ›

Duolingo logo

Duolingo and Other Goals

I’ve had one of those weeks where it feels like everything has fallen off. Ever have that? It was as though I had got to a place where everything was revolving nicely around me, and then suddenly it was gone. There is loads I want and have to do, but as soon as I have… Read More ›

The Finale

A pale ray of sun forces itself through the bars of the window and grazes my face. I have not slept. It seems to me there’ll be plenty of time for that after. Instead, I have tried to spend the night rejoicing in my memories and reminding myself of the things I will not miss…. Read More ›

line of duty

Line of Duty: WTF?!

Yep. That was basically my reaction when I watched the first episode of Line of Duty. Considering this, I chose deeply inappropriate times to watch it. The first fifteen minutes or so I watched on the train and gasped at the attack on the convoy. The rest I watched while having my lunch. Let’s just say… Read More ›

Cinderella Doll

The One That Got Away

Last week I was in the gym, minding my own business, when I saw a guy I have some pretty messy history with walk past the window. Initially I confined my reaction to a scowl, but then I realised he was carrying a gym bag and carrying a water bottle. Surely not… My first thought… Read More ›

If you like Agatha Christie…

You’ll love Ngaio Marsh. Perhaps I’m preaching to the converted. If so, lucky you. I only discovered Ngaio Marsh this time last year, at a bookshop (Black Swan?) in Camden. I was a little sceptical – there are a number of Christie imitations that turn out to be worthless – but the cover looked fun… Read More ›

Me looking very sad

Tips for Positive Thinking

Regular readers will know that I started a new career this year, professional writing and editing. Within two weeks I got some work, which was completely unexpected. I had given myself six months. It is a long term arrangement, but this week I found myself with very little paying work. Obviously this is normal in… Read More ›