My Thoughts on Series 3 of Sherlock


I love Sherlock. Of course I do. I’m a human, with a brain and a funny bone. For this reason, I hate The Hobbit. Thanks to the selfishness of The Hobbit, we haven’t had Sherlock for TWO YEARS. (Also, thanks to The Hobbit¸ Aiden Turner and Russell Tovey left Being Human. Never before has one film wreaked so much havoc on British television.)

But I digress. There has been a lot of controversy over the new series of Sherlock not least because there has been such a long wait, with such a cliffhanger. Some people, my boyfriend included, did not like the resolution to the how-did-he-fall-off-a-building-and-survive. For some reason, he thought that he should have done it all by himself. It was obvious that wasn’t possible, and I don’t know why he entertained the idea that it might be. Regardless of this, there was a suggestion that the explanation given was a lie and this was never resolved, which was not pleasing.

I think it is fair to say that the new series was underwhelming. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy all the episodes. I certainly did. I loved Sherlock revealing himself to John in the restaurant as he attempted to propose. It was hilarious. Ditto the best man’s speech. I was thrilled to bits that they dedicated a whole episode to it. I was also thrilled to bits that I worked out how the Buckingham Palace guard got stabbed before Sherlock (thank you Princess Sissi of the Austro-Hungarian Empire).  But yes, with the exception of the final episode, it wasn’t exactly high-tech crime solving stuff. To be honest, the final episode wasn’t exactly high-tech crime solving stuff. I thought that the trip to Appledore was going to be a bit of a Mission: Impossible but actually it was a bit of an anti-climax.

Thinking on the series as a whole, I think that it felt like a filler series. It was as though they wanted to bridge the gap of the last two years and introduce Mary (who was awesome!!!) as a worthy additional to the pair. I don’t mind filler episodes myself. I often find that the light-hearted episode before the major final two episode showdown is a super bit of the series. The three episodes seemed to be taking their time to focus on the relationship between Sherlock and John and I liked that because while the super crime fighting is always fantastic, to my mind it is always a close second (in enjoyment terms) to the banter and the slightly off personalities of the two. I am hoping that this means that the next series is not going to be too far away, as it is kind of unacceptable if we have to wait another two years for something great.

And, let’s be honest, it is going to be great. How does someone shoot themselves through the head and survive. Moriarty really is the cat’s pyjamas.


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  1. Moffat and Gatiss have announced that series 4 should air somewhere around the end of this year, or early 2015 at the very latest. Great news there!

    While I agree with everything you said, I still don’t find series 3 underwhelming at all. I really enjoyed the new characters and the development of the old ones. It is a shame that Magnussen lasted so little, though.


    • That is good news! Two years is far too long. I did really enjoy the series, I think I just wanted some more big episodes. Really, I think I wanted Moriarty. Magnussen was interesting but not quite at the same standard. I think it is tough because the series are so short. It does mean it doesn’t get stale, but it feels like it’s over before it’s really begun. Especially this time with the first episode on New Year’s, done in less than three weeks. Too vexing!


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