Week 1 of Back To The Gym


Week 1 of Back to the Gym

When I was younger, September was the month of Back To School. Now I am grown up, it seems that January is destined to forever be the month of Back To The Gym.

I am, of course, pleased to be Back At The Gym. I was starting to feel really bad about not going. The excuse of my bad foot had run its course, and the parcels that I was expecting at the start of the week had all arrived. Plus, now I’m working at home I really can go whenever it suits me. Sigh.

I started again on Wednesday, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. That is to say, of course it was horrific, but I wasn’t quite as unfit as I’d expected. I managed to do my thirty minutes on the cross-trainer, although not the distance I was managing before. I did my back weights and my shoulder weights and 250 stomach crunches. They hurt a lot. Finally I did my five minutes on the rowing machine and thought I might pass out. I shall go again on Friday, I thought, knowing full well I wouldn’t have time.

On Thursday, I actually didn’t feel dreadful. I expected to ache to death, but no! I was very busy all day, and ate far too big a lunch far too late. When it got to making dinner, I felt like I couldn’t bear it.

I could go to the gym, I thought. And although it was dark and cold, I did! Furthermore, I did everything I’d done on Wednesday, minus my shoulder weights. Someone selfish had broken the machine.

All in all, I’m very pleased with myself. I shan’t go this weekend, naturally, but Monday? Who knows?


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