Month: January 2014

Rethinking Marriage

I always thought that I wanted to get married. It just seemed like an inevitable step on the path of life. All my boyfriends previous were of the same opinion, and when the relationship got to a certain point, THE FUTURE was discussed. When my partner and I got to that certain point, I was… Read More ›

Leaving Home

Heels tapped abruptly on the pavement. A young woman, perhaps twenty, twenty-one hurried along, twisting her head back and forth as she went. A squeaking perambulator preceded her, rattling over the uneven stones. The street was empty, dimly lit, silent. When an omnibus roared past out of nowhere she jumped, turning her face into the… Read More ›

2014 so far

This week has been a bit pleut on the exercise front. I got a bug, and then I got a job! Which is good, but left me a bit busy. I finally managed to go on Friday, and I’ve set up two days next week to go with a friend, so I’m happy about that…. Read More ›

My Harry Potter Favourites

Reading-wise, I’m still ploughing through The Luminaries. I haven’t learned enough new to warrant a full blog post so I think it’s time to revisit an old favourite. That’s right! A list of my favourite things in each of the Harry Potter books. Yeah! I love Harry Potter. I started reading them when I was… Read More ›

My Thoughts on Series 3 of Sherlock

I love Sherlock. Of course I do. I’m a human, with a brain and a funny bone. For this reason, I hate The Hobbit. Thanks to the selfishness of The Hobbit, we haven’t had Sherlock for TWO YEARS. (Also, thanks to The Hobbit¸ Aiden Turner and Russell Tovey left Being Human. Never before has one… Read More ›

The Ceremony

He had been one of us. We trailed towards the river in a long mournful parade. He was already there. I could see his red hair flaming on the banks, surrounded by the sombre brown of the leaders. I couldn’t see his expression but I could imagine the defiance etched across it. Of course it would be… Read More ›

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

  Thanks to the wonderful reductions that Sainsbury’s have on their books, I was able to purchase the beautiful hardback version og this year’s Booker Prize winner, The Luminaries, for half price. This is marvellous because the book is massive, and massive books are always so inviting in hardback. I have tentatively looked at the back… Read More ›

Week 1 of Back To The Gym

Week 1 of Back to the Gym When I was younger, September was the month of Back To School. Now I am grown up, it seems that January is destined to forever be the month of Back To The Gym. I am, of course, pleased to be Back At The Gym. I was starting to… Read More ›

The Bridge – Series 1

12 days into 2014 and I have already achieved one of my boxset goals. Truly, I am the best. Admittedly, my hand was somewhat forced by the cruel BBC putting Series 2 of The Bridge on, forcing me to race through Series 1 in a single weekend so as to be ready on time. I… Read More ›

Girls and the Excuse of Creativity

This week I watched the first episode of Girls. I know, I know. Desperately late to the party yet again, but in my defence, I don’t have Sky Atlantic and selfishly, it’s not on Netflix. Plus, I wasn’t really that desperate. I feel like cringey has been done, and I’ve had enough bad sex of… Read More ›