Month: December 2013

Starting To Become A More Effective Person

Upsettingly, my foot has taken far longer to heal than I anticipated so I’ve not been to the gym for a while. Plus, it’s December, and so dark and cold. January will be better, with a fixed foot and the promise of a brand new year, in which I will certainly get everything right, stretching… Read More ›

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Don’t you find that so often, the books you really love completely sneak up on you. You pick up something one day, shrug and say to yourself, yeah, why not. And then suddenly you’re glued at the expense of everything else you’re trying to achieve. So it totally was with this book. My partner actually… Read More ›

My Three Favourite Things About Breaking Bad

  It’s been widely acclaimed as the greatest television show ever and I am inclined to agree. I don’t think I could possibly start to scratch the surface of all the reasons why – when television is studied as part of literature, I’m sure it will feature along with Shakespeare –  but I’ve provided my… Read More ›

The True Meaning of Christmas

Around this time of year, someone always decides to bemoan the absence of Christianity in Christmas. I’ve been thinking about this and I wonder, is it such a bad thing? Obviously the roots of Christmas are in Christianity. And equally obviously, Christmas has become far more about the commercial aspect than about the celebration. However, I… Read More ›

The Arrival

The train rocked rhythmically. David’s head lolled against his chest and his eyelids dipped further and further, heavier and heavier. His arms grew slack until finally he dropped forward, waking himself in the process. He would have fallen if not for the bodies packed tightly around him. The carriage was so tight. The air was… Read More ›

My Real Problem With The James Arthur Diss Track

I loved James Arthur on the X Factor last year. I found him very credible musically, I enjoyed his work and I was happy to see him win. Predictably we’ve heard very little of him since, largely to do with the fact that X Factor winners routinely hibernate through the spring and summer, until the… Read More ›

Leeds International Film Festival 27

It’s that time of year again. I have enjoyed the glorious three weeks of the Leeds International Film Festival. This year I’ve made a very solid effort to see a good selection of things. Below is my roundup of what I’ve seen. Wakola is an Argentinian film based on the activities of Josef Mengele after… Read More ›

A Distinct Lack of Exercise

  There has been no exercise, but mostly it has not been my fault. I have had an accident. Last Sunday, I tripped on a glass that someone had left on the floor. This glass became many pieces of glass and one of those pieces of glass lodged itself into the ball of my foot. It… Read More ›

Doctor Sleep

Vigilant fans of my book posts will note that this is the third post dedicated to Stephen King, or offshoots thereof. It won’t end here either; I’m currently launching onto my second Classics Club book, The Stand! But no more of that now. It’s Doctor Sleep’s day in the sun. Given the resurgence of The… Read More ›


How long now? It’s hard to tell. I lost count of the days a long time ago. More than a month, certainly, since I pulled myself through that tiny gap in the fence and wriggled away.  Since then, it’s been an endless road. My shoes, not really what I would have called ‘shoes’ before anyway,… Read More ›