Month: November 2013


The smoke had been drifting in from other areas of the city for some time now. It smelled of wood mostly, but gradually the smell of flesh permeated more and more. It twisted his stomach, and he pulled the window closed and turned away. He didn’t think that would help for long. The street was… Read More ›

Health Quest – Week 1

I feel like age is happening to me very quickly. By that I don’t so much mean that I have got to NEARLY THIRTY quickly, but that my body is feeling older much quicker than I expected. It is far outpacing my face, which I flatter myself could still pass for mid-twenties. I ache, I… Read More ›

A Very Real Dystopia

Oh, how I love The Hunger Games (whole trilogy, though the first book is easily the best) by Suzanne Collins. I was a relative latecomer to The Hunger Games, only getting involved I think when the film was looming and I decided to read the books to see if it was worth going. I borrowed… Read More ›

Grasp The Nettle and My Thoughts on Activism

The 27th Leeds International Film Festival has started! It’s one of my favourite events of the year, and my first foray was on Friday when I went to see a documentary named Grasp The Nettle by Dean Puckett.   Grasp The Nettle is about activism during this period of austerity in the UK. It mainly focused on two movements, one about sustainable… Read More ›

Classics Club Triumph – One Down

I have finally finished my first classics club book, Take A Girl Like You by Kingsley Amis. Hurray! Unfortunately, my initial feeling of disappointment didn’t ever quite wear off. I just didn’t really find it very funny. At least, I could see funny bits but I never actually laughed out loud. Perhaps I expected too… Read More ›

And so NaNoWriMo Begins!

Oh, NaNoWriMo. Last year I didn’t exactly cover myself with glory. I can’t even remember what I started writing, but I definitely didn’t finish it. This year however, I’m already on 5,755 words! Hurray for myself! I have decided to use it as an opportunity to write something I never usually would, namely a thriller… Read More ›