Month: October 2013

Bridget’s Back!

One of the main joys of my holiday (holiday!) was that it coincided with the new Bridget Jones. I had heard a lot of naysaying but honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Of course it was a different sort of novel from the earlier books, but surely it had to be?… Read More ›

White Knuckle Driving

I have been on holiday! Hence the lack of postings, which of course I feel terrible about. Nothing massively exciting, mainly a tour around England taking in Kent, Wales, Bath, Devon and London. In fact, it’s London I’m going to talk to you about today; specially driving in London. Oh. My. God. Never before, and… Read More ›

A Political Post

What a complete embarrassment.  I’ll admit, despite my best efforts, I don’t fully understand Obamacare. Things like this are always insanely complicated; just look at pensions auto-enrolment going on now here in the UK (and I say this as a current pensions professional). What I completely fail to understand, however, is how a government can… Read More ›