My Thoughts on Katie Hopkins

With her unerring sense of how best to court controversy, Katie Hopkins has catapulted herself back into my consciousness.

For those of you unfamiliar with Katie’s work, she originally appeared on our screens as a highly overrated contestant in The Apprentice. She has now become someone who sells her opinion on television and in magazines, and most notably on This Morning. The main hoohaa occurred a couple of months ago when she announced that she didn’t let her kids play with children that have ‘lower class’ names. I heard about this, although I didn’t watch it at the time. However, yesterday I was ‘networking’ on Twitter and I discovered that Katie had been at it again, this time saying that her kids’ birthdays’ were often postponed to more convenient times, i.e. the weekend. This led to me watching Katie’s back catalogue on YouTube and wasting a good afternoon.

Highlights include Katie’s views on:






A lot of her opinions are utterly ridiculous, and I cannot bear to waste too much time on refuting them. However, a couple of things struck me in all her appearances.

The first was how often she had to resort to rudeness or personal attacks. These are supposed to be grown up debates, yet she thinks nothing of calling one lady a lemon because she is wearing a yellow top, and when she discovers that Katie Waissal has a tattoo to commemorate a marriage, and that that marriage is going through a bad patch, she loses no time in taunting her for it. Both of these things have nothing to do with the topic at hand and inevitably weaken the argument.

The second was the sheer hypocrisy. She hates when lower class people give their children geographical names yet calls her own child India. She expects her children to make ‘grown up choices’ about their birthdays yet doesn’t trust them to make their own friends. The thought process is so inconsistent, flitting from thing to another with no connection to something else she said a few minutes earlier. I understand she has a high-flying business career as well as being a talking head. Do these things not concern her employers? I don’t think my bosses would be too impressed, yet perhaps my career is not lofty enough.

Enough though. I am already slightly ashamed that I have filled up yet another small portion of the internet with Katie Hopkins chatter. It is just a shame that she will never look at herself and ponder the wisdom of thinking before one speaks. Oh well. Never say never, I suppose.


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