Month: September 2013

Starting My Classics, In The Face Of Great Temptation

Despite buying THREE brand new books this week, I have finally started on my Classics Club list. Hurray! I decided to start with Kingsley Amis and Take A Girl Like You. I had previously listened to Lucky Jim on the iPlayer and loved it. It was so funny and Jim just kept getting into all… Read More ›

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about getting older and how that has been making me feel. Last night I had a reminder of how, in reality, it pretty much suits me down to the ground to be a bit older. It was a friend from work’s 28th birthday party last night. It started… Read More ›

To The Lighthouse

No sooner had I finalised my Classics Club list when Sync Read#3 started; To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. This is one of my favourite classics; I first read it at 18 and then wrote my dissertation on it, along with Mrs Dalloway and The Waves and have dipped in and out over the years…. Read More ›

My Thoughts on Katie Hopkins

With her unerring sense of how best to court controversy, Katie Hopkins has catapulted herself back into my consciousness. For those of you unfamiliar with Katie’s work, she originally appeared on our screens as a highly overrated contestant in The Apprentice. She has now become someone who sells her opinion on television and in magazines,… Read More ›

Love A Good Horror!

About once a month or so me and my friend get together and watch a horror film. Snake has unnecessarily converted the downstairs room into a ‘home cinema’ so it’s very scary. Last night we watched House At The End Of The Street and we both felt we had never been so scared. Of course… Read More ›

The Classics Club – A New Venture

I’ve read a lot of classics. I did English Lit A-level and then went on to study it at uni for three years. However, in the years since full-time education, you could say that I’ve got a bit lazy with my reading. I still read a lot, but instead of pushing myself in the main… Read More ›