Month: February 2013

Portrait of a Fucked Up Marriage

So, after hearing a lot of hype about Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, I finally bought it. I expected it to be gripping, but I didn’t necessarily expect it to be good. There are many books I’ve read that catapult you through without being good. The Da Vinci Code, for example, was a very simplistic… Read More ›

One Day – A Study In People

The other night I had a dream that Jack Whitehall was playing Dexter in a film of One Day. He was playing it as he does JP in Fresh Meat and I found it truly upsetting. I originally read One Day as the film was about to come out so that I’d read the book… Read More ›

Flowers For Algernon – Tampering With Nature

Another one from the other blog, this time from 8 Feb last year, when I used to attend book club. This was a book with with an ethical dilemma. It discusses the issues raised, so warning! Definitely contains spoilers. Wonderful book. Flowers For Algernon

Shame and Sex Addiction

Another post on my creative writing blog that really fits better here. This is from this day last year, and the previous night I went to see Shame, the Michael Fassbender film about sex addiction. I was pleasantly surprised by it and detailed my thoughts, here! Last Night I Went To See Shame With My… Read More ›