Month: January 2013

Ethan Frome

I found this piece on my other blog, but it’s something that probably fits better here. I wrote it at the start when I was still getting a feel for blogging and what I wanted to achieve. Besides, I’ve mostly written about contemporary novels so far and this is a musing on a classic, so… Read More ›

Simon Serrailler – Crime Novels, But Not As You Know It

Last night I finished the Simon Serrailler crime series by Susan Hill (so far). I got the first one, The Various Haunts of Men, in my stocking so it’s all I’ve read for a solid month. I have absolutely loved them. Loved them. I was so desperate for the second, that when Waterstones’ only copy… Read More ›

The Redemptive Power of Art

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. I blame circumstance; what with work and Christmas and family bereavements I’ve barely had a moment to finish a book, and no sooner do I start again but I’m thrust headlong into a series which will all be covered in a single post. However! I… Read More ›