Month: November 2012

Why Kill Dick Halloran?

Following on from my last post, this is a small musing on why Kubrick made the changes he did in filming The Shining. I will specifically focus on the ending so once again, there will be spoilers. A basic recap of differences – Wendy leaves the apartment and is then brutally attacked by Jack. She… Read More ›

The Shining – A Domestic Tragedy

I recently had the pleasure of viewing The Shining on the big screen courtesy of Leeds film festival. I then had the further pleasure of watching Room 237, a documentary about the hidden messages and conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining. But that’s another blog. After this, I got so carried away that I decided to… Read More ›

Nazi Retellings – Dominion

One of my main areas of interest, both in reading and writing is totalitarian governments, specifically though not exclusively Nazi Germany. I think I’m right in saying that we (Britain) are the only country in European that has not lived under a dictatorship in the last century. Why this is is a matter for debate,… Read More ›